Specific needs / wants?

NOTE: once the script suggest a PC, you'll be able to edit anything. All parts suggested are compatible with each others.


How many monitors do you want?


What sentence best describe your budget?

I want my computer for the less money possible. What are the CHEAPEST part I can put together to have a working, decent speed computer? Even if less upgradable, that's OK.
I want a great stable computer, but as cheap as possible. If it's not the fastest, it's fine for now.
I want the perfect price-performance PC. I'll pay the right money to get something that is fast and stable.
I want a high performance PC. I hate to wait. I want a blazing fast machine and I'll pay what I have to pay to have it: it's my tool and I use it to make more money! I want the best high-performance / price ratio without overpaying.
I want the highest performance PC on the market, money is not a problem. Time is money and in the end, a few hundred dollar more is nothing considering how much more I'll make by not waiting / getting distracted by a slow computer.


Will you play games?